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How to use ABS plastic particles to make products

Time:2019-08-30      Author:admin      Popularity:148
  ABS plastic particles are widely used, but many people don't know how to apply the product to the product? The following small series of Pingyuan for you to introduce?

  1. ABS recycled materials are widely used in computer cases, TV cases, car panels, decorative materials, etc. these materials should be separated when using, especially the ABS recycled materials with different electroplating and painting colors should be separated.

  2. Before using recycled ABS materials, first go to the cleaning tank to clean them, then dry them in the sun, color matching or put auxiliary materials to improve the quality of ABS materials.

  3. Be careful when chemical treatment is carried out. Adjust the proportion of chemical solution properly, especially when stripping plating and paint. If the chemical proportion is not properly prepared, it will even cause safety accidents. The corresponding protective equipment and container should be prepared before using the chemical solution.