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Plastic shell
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Plastic air (GRS Certified)

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Product Details
  The shell of air conditioner is thermoplastic, which is one of the most widely used plastics. It is made of thermoplastic resin with various additives. At a certain temperature, the plastic can be softened or melted into any shape, and the shape remains unchanged after cooling; this state can be repeated many times and always has plasticity, and this kind of plastic is only a physical change, so this kind of plastic is called thermoplastic. It can be processed by injection, extrusion and other thermoplastic processing methods, which is efficient, simple and easy to operate, without adding equipment, with high fluidity and small shrinkage.
  Among them, the interior plastic of air conditioner is generally made of thermoplastic plastics, ABS or hips materials are generally used in China, and engineering PP is also used in Japan, but the material of Engineering PP is the worst.
  ABS material strength is good, the price is expensive, the only drawback is easy to yellowing. Hips does not yellow, but the strength can not catch up with ABS!