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  As we all know, vacuum thermal insulation materials are high-performance thermal insulation materials, but there are some problems such as difficult to process at will, poor performance persistence and surface support. The composite materials made from silica gel, silica aerogel and non-woven fabrics and polymers, which are very low density, have been applied. This kind of composite material does not need to maintain vacuum and has excellent processability, so it has been used recently. However, these thermal insulation materials have the problem of "powder dropping" caused by silica shedding, so they have not been popularized. If there are soft and high-performance thermal insulation materials, they can be used in the curved surface and narrow space around the car body and engine, and heat insulation for parts and mechanisms that are difficult to achieve by traditional materials, it is expected to promote energy conservation and environmental protection.
  He has been working on the preparation of silica aerogels with high pressure CO2 and composite insulating materials of silica aerogels and polymers as insulation materials. And the R & D of urethane, rubber, plastic and other polymer products, in the use of high-pressure CO2 foam polymer development has a strong technical strength. In the development process of these products, the two companies have the same goal in the utilization technology of high-pressure CO2, so they decided to establish a cooperation system, which led to the cooperative development this time.