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Plastic hook
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Plastic hook(GRS Certified)

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Product Details
  1. Snap hook: it is divided into different names; carton hook, paper card hook, paper card hook, paper box hook, paper bag hook, snap hook, plastic button hook, plastic snap hook, plastic snap hook are mainly used for packing boxes and bags, and the usage is simple; you can just punch a hole in the box and then put the button on it.
  2. Plastic adhesive hook: it is divided into different names; adhesive hook, plastic hook, self-adhesive hook, PP adhesive hook, PVC adhesive hook, sticker hook are mainly used on the top of the paper box, which is directly attached to the carton for display.
  3. Scarf hook: there are different names; scarf hook, scarf hook, towel hook, towel hook, towel hook, silk towel hook, hook, plastic hook are mainly used for display in major stores, and can print log, material: PP, PS. Size is more, the main color: black, white, translucent, transparent.
  4. Display hook: it is divided into: F-shaped display hook, U-shaped display hook, double foot display hook, flat mouth display hook, double pole display hook, three foot display hook, toothed hook, polished rod hook, which are mainly used for display, commodity display rack, display cabinet, carton, carton hook and other display equipment.
  5. Shoe hook: it can be divided into different types; shoe hook, shoe hook, plastic shoe hook, plastic shoe hook, boot hook, boot clip, boot hook, slipper hook, slipper hook, plastic hook, plastic hook are mainly used for beach shoe hook, garden shoe hook, EVA shoe hook, herringbone slipper hook, close shoe hook, etc.
  6. Sock hook: it can be divided into pants hook, silk hose hook, sock and trousers hook, single-layer sock hook, double-layer sock hook, three-layer sock hook, four-layer sock hook, sock hook, sock hook, plastic sock hook, sock material, sock hook, etc., which can be processed with supplied materials.
  7. Supermarket hanging strip: it is divided into: plastic hanging strip, which is mainly used for light and small goods in supermarkets, easy to see and size; 6 hanging, 8 hanging, 10 hanging and 12 hanging, and the material is divided into PP and PVS. Thickness of PP: 1.2mm. PVC thickness is divided into: 0.5mm. 0.6MM。 0.8mm hanging bar can make full use of space to show the charm of the product.
  8. Garden shoe buckle: Garden button, garden shoe button is used on both sides of garden shoes to fix the upper. The size and color of shoe buckle are different. Our company produces foreign famous brand shoe buckle, which can print log.
  9. Plastic handle: it can be divided into: hand clasp, hand handle, hand clasp, handle, carton buckle, hook, handle, plastic handle, plastic handle, color box, suspender, hand strap, hand pump, handle, handle, handle, spoon, etc. the products are mainly used on various packaging cartons, such as yogurt case handle, quilt bag handle, beverage box handle, etc.
  10. Belt hook: divided into; belt hook, belt hook is mainly used to show the belt, convenient selection, many styles.
  11. Hanger: it is divided into plastic hanger, plastic hanger and underwear rack. It is mainly used in clothing store to hang clothes. The material is: PP and PS, can be made of transparent hanger, many styles.