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Product Details
  In engineering plastics, the water meter shell made of glass fiber reinforced nylon is the preferred material for intelligent water meter shell in recent years.
  This material makes up for the poor performance and unstable quality of ordinary engineering plastics. Compared with other types of reinforced materials, it has high mechanical properties in high and low temperature and high frequency alternating environment, high resilience, anti-aging, hydrolysis resistance, impact resistance, creep resistance, high stability, high temperature resistance, and even frost resistance, which can be used normally in different environments. It has long service life and can avoid blockage and macula after scaling.
  At the same time, the material has excellent appearance and color coating, without floating fiber and other appearance defects. This material does not contain environmental chemical harmful components, environmental protection, water meter market at home and abroad is welcomed by customers.
  Injection molded intelligent water meter shell
  Glass fiber reinforced nylon water meter is a landmark product in plastic water meter, which represents the development trend of water meter industry. Strict environmental protection policy is not only a challenge for the existing water meter shell casting enterprises, but also a development opportunity for us to face the future.