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Exquisite box(GRS Certified)

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Product Details
  Special raw material for transparent cosmetic case / Eastman PETG gn071 classic application:
  Reagent bottle, Medicine bottle Medical equipment such as filter, Eustachian tube, pipe connector, pump, clamp and dialysis equipment, etc.) transparent Stationery (pencil case, baby carriage accessories, etc.), transparent household goods (toothbrush and personal care products, refrigerator fresh-keeping box, cup, salad bowl, salt pot, pepper pot,...), various electrical accessories (display, protective mask, light source cover, etc.), all kinds of sheet, plate, etc, Pipe, card material, film, etc.
  These products have excellent transparency, gloss, good toughness and excellent colorability. These products have excellent transparency, gloss, good toughness, processability and excellent colorability.
  Performance characteristics of PETG gn071:
  (1) 1. High transparency
  2. Light transmittance up to 91%
  3. Density: 1.27g/cm3
  4. Hot deformation temperature 75 ℃
  (2) Good chemical resistance: it can resist the corrosion of many chemicals.
  (3) Good thermoformability: equivalent to ordinary acrylic board.
  (4) No folding.
  (5) , cheaper than PC, more durable than acrylic
  (6) It is non-toxic and has reliable sanitary performance.
  (7) Good environmental adaptability, no toxic substances will be produced when the waste is incinerated