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Display instrument(GRS Certified)

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Product Details
  Automobile display panel is generally composed of PC substrate and film. Nowadays, the cover plate of the display screen is relatively simple, and the design of color and key is less. Therefore, some manufacturers will not use the film directly on the PC surface Ag / Ar / AF coating. PC exists as a carrier, and the next layer is ITO sensor, which is bonded by glue. In the past, a lot of people used frame gluing, but now, due to the requirements of one-piece black, the development of ITO and LCD towards full fit.
  In the future, the manufacturers of traditional decorative parts with PC or PC / ABS injection molding will surely transition to the production of components with high optical requirements. Whether it is ITO glass, resin or LCD, the current level of industrialization is high, but the design and manufacture of cover plate may become their bottleneck, limiting the breakthrough of related applications.
  Requirements for PC materials
  The total thickness of the film plus PC layer should not exceed 2.5mm.
  The most important requirements are low residual stress and low deformation. When there is residual stress in PC, birefringence will be produced and the appearance of rainbow pattern will be seen. If you want to make a very thin product, you need a very large packing pressure, which makes birefringence very obvious.
  The plastic deformation will affect the full fit of LCD. Generally speaking, in the case of full fit, it is expected that the deformation of the display area should not exceed 0.5mm of the design value. However, in fact, if the product with a large size of 1m is made, the deformation of 1mm is normal, which is also a high difficulty.