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What are the differences between ABS recycled materials and raw materials

Time:2018-12-10      Author:admin      Popularity:139

ABS recycled materials and raw materials used in our life, how to distinguish between the two? Read the following with Xiaobian.

  1. Different colors. ABS recycled material is recycled material reprocessing, generally has color, and mainly black. ABS raw materials are directly refined with petroleum, as the natural color.

  2. The particles are different. The particle size of ABS recycled material is related to the configuration of the granulator, such as round flat particles, cylinder particles, and so on. ABS raw material particles are basically the same as small cylinder particles.

  3. The price is different. ABS recycled material is cheaper than ABS raw material.

  4. The physical properties are different. The physical properties of ABS recycled materials are worse than that of ABS raw materials.

  5. The cleanliness is different. ABS recycled materials may contain impurities, ABS raw materials have no impurities.