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What are the properties of ABS board

Time:2018-12-10      Author:admin      Popularity:84

ABS sheet is a new material in sheet metal industry. Polymer with wide application. What are the properties of ABS board?

  Its full name is acrylonitrile / butadiene / styrene copolymer board. Acrylonitrile butdiene styrene is a polymer with large production and wide application. It unifies all kinds of properties of PS, San and BS organically, and has excellent mechanical properties of equilibrium of toughness, hardness and rigidity.

  ABS has excellent mechanical properties, its impact strength is excellent, it can be used at very low temperature; ABS has excellent wear resistance, good dimensional stability, and oil resistance, which can be used for bearings under medium load and speed. The creep resistance of ABS is larger than that of PSF and PC, but smaller than that of PA and POM. The bending strength and compressive strength of ABS are poor among plastics. The mechanical properties of ABS are greatly affected by temperature.

  ABS is not affected by water, inorganic salt, alkali and many kinds of acids, but soluble in ketones, aldehydes and chlorinated hydrocarbons. It will cause stress cracking when eroded by glacial acetic acid and vegetable oil. ABS has poor weather resistance and is easy to degrade under the action of ultraviolet light; the impact strength of ABS decreases by half after half a year outdoors.

  ABS sheet has excellent impact strength, good dimensional stability, dyeability, molding and mechanical processing, high mechanical strength, high stiffness, low water absorption, good corrosion resistance, simple connection, non-toxic and tasteless, excellent chemical properties and electrical insulation properties. It can resist heat and deformation, and has high impact toughness at low temperature. It is also a kind of hard, not easy to scratch, not easy to deform. Low water absorption; high dimensional stability. The conventional ABS plate is not very white, but its toughness is very good. It can be cut by plate shears or punched with a die.

  The hot deformation temperature of ABS is 93-118 ℃, and the product can be raised by about 10 ℃ after annealing. ABS can still show certain toughness at - 40 ℃ and can be used in the temperature range of - 40 - 100 ℃.

  Among them, transparent ABS board has very good transparency and excellent polishing effect, so it is the preferred material to replace PC plate. Compared with acrylic, its toughness is very good, which can meet the requirements of careful processing of products. The disadvantage is that transparent ABS is relatively expensive.