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What are the molecular structures of ABS environmental protection particles

Time:2020-08-05      Author:admin      Popularity:27
  The structure of ABS resin includes graft copolymer with elastomer as the main chain and hard graft copolymer as main chain. A graft copolymer of the main chain of ABS resin, or a mixture of rubber elastomer and hard abs resin. In this way, different structures show different properties, elastomers show the toughness of rubber, hard abs resin shows rigidity, and several varieties such as high impact type, medium impact type, general impact type and special impact type can be obtained.

  Specifically, with the increase of rubber component B content (generally 5% - 30%), the elasticity and impact resistance of the resin will increase, but the tensile strength, fluidity and weather resistance will decrease. When the content of resin component as (generally 70% - 95%) increases, the surface gloss, mechanical strength, weather resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical performance and processing performance can be improved. However, the impact strength will decrease. The proportion of a and B in resin component is 30% - 35% / 80% - 65%